05 April 2010

Safelink Wireless can die a painful, burning death

Immediately when the library opened, this guy walks up to me and says, "I want a phone." Luckily, I don't even have to ask because I know that's code for Safelink Wireless, which I hate with a burning, searing passion because everybody and their sister thinks that the library hands out phones and that it's the library's responsibility for the upkeep and troubleshooting of these phones.

So, at 9:30 a.m., while I'm trying to get the building open, this motherfucker sits down in my little chair next to my messy little desk and proceeds to chew on his gums (note: I did not say 'chewing gum.' Indeed, I did say 'chew on his gums' as in, he was literally chewing on his toothless gums, which quite possibly is in the the running for the top ten most disgusting things you can do in a library, such as shitting in a chair and having sex in the library bathroom, because I really can't stand the sound of chewing, let alone chewing on one's flappy gums) while he digs around in his wallet for his ID. I started asking for ID because it's just easier than asking people questions and getting a blank stare in response.

When I'm done with the registration, my computer freezes up. The registration doesn't take long at all, but of course, since it's Monday morning and 10 people want 10,000 different things from me, the fucking system has to freeze up.

And then, JOY, I get to do it again for this old fucker, who got pissy with me because I had to ask him the last four of his SSN number all over again. Really? You're getting a free phone out of this, you have no teeth, you smell like garbage, what the fuck else do you have to do today?

Take your damned Obama phone registration confirmation and let me get on with the shit I have to do today.


  1. Wow... and to think I volunteer and support my local library. Perhaps you need to find a new job, or just perhaps, anger management classes. Perhaps a bit of yoga, some deep breathing or the Yang Short Form of Tai Chi because clearly you can neither handle the responsibilities of your job, nor any form of customer service.

    Now, please take a moment and consider the plight of the homeless gentleman who, for whatever reason, has no job, no home, no safe place to rest his soul. Something you obviously take for granted. How lucky you must be to have never been homeless. I have. How lucky you must be to never try bathing from a spigot on the side of an apartment building. Again, I have. How lucky you must be to able to afford dental care. I have a physical mobility disability and I still cannot get any kind of dental care except for emergency tooth extraction. Fortunately, I take very good care of my teeth and have all but my upper two wisdom teeth. Unfortunately, I have hereditary receding gums. How very lucky you are to not be exposed to the chill of winter, the blistering heat of summer, the filth of the streets or knowing what it is to go to sleep hungry--unless of course you choose to. You are fortunate enough to never understand what mental illnesses will arise from being homeless, paranoia, anxiety, depression with suicidal tendencies, rage from frustration and strain... Then having to beg or borrow or steal any bit of help you get. And getting to deal with lovely people such as yourself who take for granted every bit of life they have because they are too ignorant (not a word I use often, but wholly apt in this case), too IGNORANT to stop and realize that you have a reason for being homeless and that ultimately, you are still a human being.

    You are so very lucky. And because you have a holier than thou attitude, you never ever will...

    And of course, because you are employed and a mainstream person, you don't know what it's like to have elitist people treat you as though you're "garbage". You'll never know what it's like to have someone... say a librarian with a martyr complex stemming from their inability to take joy in (or complete to any degree) their job look down their nose at you.

    Perhaps, since you are a librarian and have access to it, you should try to devote a small portion of your oh-so busy and all-important life to sitting down and reading Charles Dickens A Christmas Carol. It's okay to get a cup of cocoa and put your feet up. Maybe you'll get a dose of humanity and *gasp* compassion you cold hearted, vile and poisonous sorry excuse for a human being. Because it is people like you that Dickens warned about and it is people like you who have screwed this world up with apathy and a 'better than you' mentality... If what you are is in fact better than me, then I would not trade places for all the gold in Fort Knox.

    Oh, and just so you know, the SafeLink plan was created under Bush Jr. so please, get your facts straight. As a librarian with your master's degree, we should at least expect that from a person of your quality and caliber.

  2. oh come on. I drive a old car that is paid for. I borrowed money for a house that I could afford. I keep the heat at 60 in the winter. I have lost jobs before. I work 3rd shift to pay the bills. I work at 120 percent at my work to be promoted. I buy store brands to save money.

    I do not own a cell phone because of the added expense. What next?? A cable company that provides free cable for people with low/no income? I do not have cable so where do I sign up?

    Rilriia do you have cable? Do you have a cell phone? Just curious. If so can you help me have those things as well?

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