30 March 2010

It's 7 p.m., do you know where your child is?

Guy that calls: Where is my son?
Clerk: Pardon?
GTC: My son, is he there? I'm looking for him?
Clerk: I'm not sure who your son is, but let me send you to the person in charge.
GTC: I don't want to talk to the person in charge. Where is the fucking manager?
Clerk: She left for the day [god fucking forbid that I didn't work a 12 hour day]
GTC: She knows who my kid is.
Clerk: I can send you to ******
GTC: Look, I just want to know if my kid is there.
Clerk: I can't really tell you that.
GTC: I hope that you can't find your kids someday [really? You call every damned day looking for your kid and now that's is 7 p.m. and getting dark, you finally realize he isn't home? Way to go, dad of the year]. I hope that Child Protective Services takes them away.
Clerk: Well, sir, I'm sorry that you can't find your son, you can speak to the branch manager about library policies in the morning when she's in.
GTC: Maybe I'll just call and report everyone in that branch for not looking out for my kid. Then all of you will get fired! [Really? You've already threatened to come punch someone in the face because we couldn't find your kid, who is the loose cannon here? Father of the year. Someone call Parenting magazine.]


  1. We have a strict "we are not your kid's babysitter" policy. Though it is named a little better than that.

  2. We used to have a policy that let kids skipping school just hang on out and spray gang symbols all over the bathroom. I wanted to preserve my sanity, so I called the police department and got truacny coming through on a regular basis. It's important to feign stupid when someone (directodirectordirector) asks why that's happening.