25 March 2010

Dear U.S. Census

Dear U.S. Census:

If you really want people to take you seriously and fill out your form, I have some advice for you:
-If you say you are going to have a rep at the library from 5-7 p.m. every day (REALLY? Is the form that hard? I thought it sucked. I wanted more questions), then show up. I had three angry people because you weren't there. I have to take the heat for your shitty scheduling problems.
-You might have wanted to check with my library's hours before you blanketed the community with a time for your little helper monkey hours because you're scheduled to be in the library two nights a week when we're already closed. FAIL.
-Your employees should be talking to people, not reading books.
-Don't argue about the library hours with me. I can't change them.
-Your little helper monkey people probably shouldn't smell like they've been drinking since 8 a.m.
-Your little helper monkey people should be able to answer questions about the FUCKING CENSUS since they work for the CENSUS. Don't refer Census questions to me unless you want to cut me part of your check.
-Again, show up when you say you will. I've gotten screamed at enough this week. I don't need to get screamed at because you can't show up (apparently, showing up would cut into beer time?).

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  1. We had the same problem (public library, midwest city of 40,000) with Census workers. They come, they check out a study room. Then sit there.

    I saw this happen only a couple times though. The handful of patrons who actually wanted help would ask for the Census rep, I would say "they are in room 228" then note that, no, there wasn't actually anyone in room 228. Thanks for not calling or e-mailing anyone that you had somewhere else to be, thanks for not even leaving literature behind for people to take. Best of all, thanks for making me look like I just started working here.

    Bunch of scabs. Thank god they won't be back for 9 more years.