25 March 2010

Hello hello hello

I hardly know where to begin, so, like the King of Hearts once said, "Begin at the beginning. When you get to the end, stop."

I'll begin at the beginning of my life in libraryland. It was fifth grade. I helped the school librarian by shelving books because I was a good & nerdy student. It was fun.

Fast forward a few years to me working in the college library at my good ol' alma mater. It was neat. I shelved books, I checked out books, I did periodical renewals and the librarian loved me. I even worked at different branches throughout campus. WHEEEEEEEEEE!

It was so much fun, I thought, "I should go to library school!" Well, that and the librarian said I should and I didn't want to teach stupid high school kids.

Fast forward to me standing there, smiling, Master of Library and Information Science Degree in hand, a job already lined up, feeling excited about being able to help people with research projects, finding books that they love, creating meaningful library programs, and on and on and on my little idealistic self went.

Fast forward to now, 5 years later, 5 years of DELIGHTFUL public library experience under my belt. That is, if delightful means breaking up gang fights, dealing with creepers who like to hit on the librarian because she has a job and some lovely lady lumps, pimps, people who shit in the chair, delivering babies, and general shit I can't make up.

And that is where you blog readers fall into play. I will amuse you with crazy shit that happens in libraryland. I will give you snippets of pure entertainment from past years of crazy shit from libraryland.

Keep in mind, throughout all of this, I am not making this up. Because, while I do have a fantastic imagination, there is no way IN HELL I could come up with the shit that goes down in a public library.

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