27 March 2010

Full Moon Bullshit

This woman has been sitting AT MY DESK for about ten minutes.

The entire time, she has been moaning about her disability. Ok, I'm sorry that you are disabled, I know it must be tough not to be able to leave the house when you want to, I know that you must get lonely, but HI, I'm at work. I have payroll to do. I have computer reservations to make for people. I have shit to weed.

She is still sitting at my desk while I'm on hold with a patron.

She tells me that I look busy.

She also tells me "Well, it's easy for you because you work and you want to go home and sit in the quiet and I'm bored and I need you to find something for me to do." I give her lists of things to do at the library and within the community, including information about volunteering.

Thanks for making that judgement call on my life though.

She's still sitting here. My phone just rang again and she pulled back to sit and stare at me. I just got off the phone and I ask her if there's anything else she needs help with.

Blank stare.

I tell her that I'm going to go fax something, let's see if she's still there.

Ok, 20 minutes later, she just left. She was sitting at my desk the entire time, staring at it.

Fucking full moon. Cockroach lady just walked in here. *Shudder*


  1. They only come out at night. Or, in this case, the daytime.

  2. And it really only went downhill after that lady. They only come out...to...my library!