22 May 2010


I'm really not some nature nut, even though I've posted a few pictures of the great outdoors lately. I don't camp or hike or mountain climb or try to train squirrels and I'm terrified of bees. But, I love flowers.

One of my favorite patrons brought me a huge bouquet of irises and left them on my desk. She is so awesome! She said it was because I seemed so stressed lately and because she just loves the library.

I love normal people.

I also love this:
I tell you what I see when I look out there. I see the undeveloped resources of Minnesota, Northern Wisconsin, and Michigan. I see a syndicated development consortium exploiting over a billion and a half dollars in forest products. I see a paper mill and if the strategic metals are there, a mining operation. A greenbelt between the condos on the lake and a waste management facility focusing on the newest rage in toxic waste, medical refuse. Infected bandages, body parts, IV tubing, contaminated glassware, entrails,syringes, fluids, blood, low grade radioactive waste all safely contained sunken in the lake and sealed for centuries. Now I ask you what do you see?

I see trees.

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  1. That was so sweet of your normal patron. Kind of makes up for the kids that dumped dirt everywhere, right?

    Hope you have a great weekend!